Sand Transport

We install sand conveyor underneath separator screens to catch separated sand and convey it to sand preparation facilities. The troughs are adapted to your requirements and can be designed as either single-mass (FVE) or resonance (FEZ) systems.

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The system drive uses vibrator motors (FVE) or unbalance exciters (FEZ).

The bolted abrasion-resistant bases are modified for the relevant task and are made from stainless steel or Hardox/Creusabro. Heating loops can also be integrated into the trough base to help stop sand sticking to the trough.

Benefits compared to belt conveyors:

  • Less cascading sand thanks to enclosed trough
  • No damage from sharp metal parts
  • Higher resistance to abrasion and heat and therefore lower maintenance costs and longer maintenance intervals
  • Fewer moving parts that can fail

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FVE vibrating conveyor

FEZ vibrating conveyor